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2018-01-22 New RFQs IC & Components

B50212EB1MLG 2500
MIC29750-5BWT     2500
IPP60R099C  4000
BSC030P03NS3 25K
FDMC8200  100K
BC151N 52K
STM32f103rbt6 10K
LT1617ES5-1 5000
NTS4101PT1G    2500
NSR0170P2T5G  2500
NZT902  44K
NCV7703BD2R2G 20K
STM8S103F3P6TR 2000
AT24C512C-MAHM-T  30K
AUIRLS3034 300
STN3N45K3 100K
FSEZ1317WAMY  100
IRLML2502 63K
GLL4745A-E3 5000  
IRLML2502 60K
TL494  2500
NZT902 40K
ltv356t-b  3K
STM8S003F3  2500
STM8S003F3P6TR 110K
LTC3605AIUF 5000
CSD17501Q5A   18k
CHL8510CRT 180K
AD8420ARMZ 9600
DLT-201A 2500
STM8S208RBT6 10K
TI DCP010505BP  1700
HT66F40 3000
ISO1050DUB 4000
TPS54360DDA 10K
AT89S52-24AU   20K
TLP521-1GB 2000
STM32F030C8T6 6000
TMS320TCI6614CCMSA 1020
BQ25101HYFPR 2500
LM2621MMX  8K
FSB560 30K
TAS2557YZR  50K
LM2621MMX  2500
STM32F072C6T6 2500
STM8S003K3T6C 10K
BAW56 30K
N76E003 10K
M14D5121632A-2.5BG2K  1000
ADG736BRMZ 200

Condition: New& Original 

Parts must be Original Factory Packaging

Shenzhen Bundle Hitech never quote Re-furbished, Remark, Pull & Non-Original Parts.

for more, please contact Evalyn at evalynhuang@ic-original.com

if you need other components, please feel free to let me know!

we are professional components distributor over 10years,

we are golden supplier on alibaba over 7years, all products are new & original! 

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