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2018-01-22 New RFQs IC & Components

B50212EB1MLG 2500
MIC29750-5BWT     2500
IPP60R099C  4000
BSC030P03NS3 25K
FDMC8200  100K
BC151N 52K
STM32f103rbt6 10K
LT1617ES5-1 5000
NTS4101PT1G    2500
NSR0170P2T5G  2500
NZT902  44K
NCV7703BD2R2G 20K
STM8S103F3P6TR 2000
AT24C512C-MAHM-T  30K
AUIRLS3034 300
STN3N45K3 100K
FSEZ1317WAMY  100
IRLML2502 63K
GLL4745A-E3 5000  
IRLML2502 60K
TL494  2500
NZT902 40K
ltv356t-b  3K
STM8S003F3  2500
STM8S003F3P6TR 110K
LTC3605AIUF 5000
CSD17501Q5A   18k
CHL8510CRT 180K
AD8420ARMZ 9600
DLT-201A 2500
STM8S208RBT6 10K
TI DCP010505BP  1700
HT66F40 3000
ISO1050DUB 4000
TPS54360DDA 10K
AT89S52-24AU   20K
TLP521-1GB 2000
STM32F030C8T6 6000
TMS320TCI6614CCMSA 1020
BQ25101HYFPR 2500
LM2621MMX  8K
FSB560 30K
TAS2557YZR  50K
LM2621MMX  2500
STM32F072C6T6 2500
STM8S003K3T6C 10K
BAW56 30K
N76E003 10K
M14D5121632A-2.5BG2K  1000
ADG736BRMZ 200

Condition: New& Original 

Parts must be Original Factory Packaging

Shenzhen Bundle Hitech never quote Re-furbished, Remark, Pull & Non-Original Parts.

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if you need other components, please feel free to let me know!

we are professional components distributor over 10years,

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