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DLP Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the new DLP-RF430CL331BP BoosterPack based on Near Field Communications (NFC) and microcontroller devices from Texas Instruments. The DLP-RF430CL331BP is an add-on board designed to fit TI's MCU LaunchPads and incorporates the Texas Instruments RF430CL331H. Its primary purpose is to help aid in the development process by providing a working hardware/firmware reference example for NFC operations. This BoosterPack demonstrates a secure, simplified pairing process for Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connections with the only dynamic NFC tag device designed specifically for NFC connection handover and service-interface functions. The RF430CL331H can also be used for creating smart poster applications that direct a smartphone to a URL. The DLP-RF430CL331BP BoosterPack is an add-on board designed to fit TI's MCU LaunchPads. This product allows the software application developer to get familiar with the functionalities of the RF430CL331H on their Texas Instruments embedded microcontroller platform of choice without having to worry about designing the antenna.

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